RoCo provides the finest in SIG P210, Sig-Sauer and Hammerli firearms and pistol walnut grips,H&N reloading bullets and accessories.


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RoCo Firearm Technology, LLC

RoCo Firearm Technology is a leader in the latest designs and manufacturing
of innovative products for the competitive,target and recreational shooter

Ongoing reasearch ensures that the latest developments in ergonomics and
space-age materials are embodied in our products.

Combining the best of Old World craftsmanship and modern manufacturing
techniques, RoCo Firearm Technology is dedicated to producing the
ultimate in scientifically-engineered products.

Our customer service is committed to
ensuring that your purchases are shipped rapidly.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We offer a large variety of European sporting pistols like SIG,Sig-Sauer,Hammerli,Walther,Erma,Sako and many more.

RoCo Firearm Technology has developed a reputation for providing the finest in Sig-Sauer and Hammerli firearms and accessories. RoCo Firearm Technology is the leader in the latest designs and manufacturing of innovative products such as; custom made Colt 1911 pistol grips, competition match grips, Hammerli adjustable grips,Sig-Sauer P220 and Sig-Sauer P 226 walnut grips stippled, SIG P210 pistols, detachable scope mounts for all Sig P210, scope mounts for Colt 1911 and scope mounts Hammerli pistols and other related items. Our extensive range of high-end quality, antique firearms are favorites among serious gun collectors and professional shooters. We combine the best of Old World craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques. Embodied in our Sig-Sauer,SIG P210, Colt 1911 and Hammerli handgun stocks are the latest developments in ergonomics and space-age materials. RoCo Firearm Technology has dedicated themselves to producing and offering only the best firearms,match pistols ,equipment and accessories.

Recreational shooters favor our Sig-Sauer sporting, SIG P210 competition and Hammerli rimfire pistols, pistol walnut grips and match grips, scope mount systems, reloading equipment and accessories.

When you buy firearms and sport pistol accessories from us you are buying from the best. Our race guns,competition pistols , scope mounts, shotgun stocks, Colt 1911, Sig-Sauer ,Hammerli pistol grips and other tactical shooting supplies and accessories are of the highest quality. The Sig-Sauer and Hammerli firearms and accessories we sell to our clients are highly durable. In addition to this, our firearms and accessories are both functionally and aesthetically superior. The products offered by other firearms dealers, fail in comparison. RoCo Firearm Technology is the leading distributor of scope mounts for all Sig-Sauer and Hammerli pistols, SIG P210 pistols and accessories, 208S match grips and Handler&Naterman (H&N) match grade bullets.We reign supreme among collectors and professional shooters.

Not only do we take pride in offering quality firearms and accessories, but we are committed to providing superior customer service to our clients. Rest assure when you place an order through RoCo, your purchases will be shipped rapidly.

in Accessories you find:

all small around the shooting sports. Magazine,weavertails for SIG P210, holsters, gun cases, scopes,scope mounts and all this little items you need to enjoy your shooting expierence. Please do not forget to look in this section when you visit our store.

in Grips you find:

a large selection of walnut made grips. Our own manufactured european walnut grips for Sig-Sauer P220 and Sig-Sauer P226 grips, Colt 1911 side panels and "The Master" grip for Colt 1911 style pistols, hte ideal grip for competition shooting. S&W 952 side panels. We also offer Hammerli 208S adustable match grips as well as other sporting pistol grips

in Guns you find:

a complete selection of our new and used firearms, SIG,Hammerli 208S,hammerli 280,Hammerli SP20,Luger WWII pistol PO8,Sig-Sauer,Sigarms, SIG P210,SIGP240,Erma,Sako,Walther,S&W,Ruger,Colt and many more. All our used firearms come with a 3 month warranty.

in SIG P 210 and Hammerli you find

a selection of the SIG P210 or Hammerli model line. We dedicated these extracts of our firearms to make it easier for you to find the fitting handgun of your choice.

in Reloading you find:

reloading equimpment like shells and bullets for competition shooting.

RoCo Firearm Technology is the general importer for Handler & Natermann match grade bullets

Handler & Natermann (H&N) Sport manufactures projectiles exclusively by swaging. With this processing method the uniformity of each bullet is very high. Flaw spots, as possible in the casting-process, were avoided.

H&N-bullets are manufactured in 3 different surface coatings:

Special attention is given from H&N to the practical application of the products. Each production batch is tested on several weapons of the different manufacturers on precision and uniformity. Most shooters trust in the precision of our fine H&N match grade bullets. Also during the bullet manufacturing closest tolerances are kept. H&N quality control is automated with the latest laser enabled technology, which registers length and form deviations with a line camera and projectiles outside of the tolerance are automatically sorted out.

Nevertheless it is often essential to examine the firing precision by using the Ransom Rest. For this purpose and to determine the charge, the reloading equipment is been placed directly beside the Ransom Rest so that charge corrections can take place immediately.

in Scope mount you find:

Our famous and patented scope mount system

The DR-Scope mount system.The new innovative sight attachment system for handguns.

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